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About Suratgarh Thermal DAV :

Suratgarh Thermal DAV Public school Suratgarh, Rajasthan, was established on 13 July 1998 to provide quality education to the children of township and adjacent area, by the joint effort of RRVUNL and DAYANAND ANGLO VEDIC SOCIETY, New Delhi. Its a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE, NEW DELHI. Suratgarh Thermal DAV has journeyed with a philosophy of education catering to the needs of children, society and time.

A systematically planned congenial and resourceful environment is provided to develop holistic and confident personality, through the years of existence it has gained trust and appreciation of the students, parents and other educational agencies and is still striving for academic excellence, social consciousness, knowledge, life skills values under the umbrella of rich Vedic ideology.

Suratgarh Thermal DAV continues to carry the legacy of kindling spark of change to form a civilized society “The Arya Samaj” on the base of Multidimensional Model of Education, it follow :


DAV lays emphasis on the holistic of development of learners. For this, school works on a five dimensional model of education that comprises - Academic Excellence, Value Education, Physical Education, Art Education & Work Experience.

1. Academic Excellence -

At STPS Township, DAV education is not just transmission of knowledge. It is through life, for life. School emphasizes on thought process rather than rot memorization and stimulates a quest for learning that lies beyond the text books. In this regard, Project based education is imparted to the students. Exhibitions, Educational tours and excursions also form an important part of our curriculum transaction.

2. Value Education -

School aims at imparting education in the background of human values and in the development of ethical dimension of students’ personality. More stress is laid on love for humanity, respect for the elders and truthfulness through moral education and social service.

3. Physical Education –

Physical Education and Sports construct an important part of the school curriculum. School provides training for different kinds of games and sports like - Athletics, Volley-ball, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis and Basket Ball etc.

4. Art Education -

Students are encouraged to develop their individual talents and abilities and to aspire for excellence. In this regard school offers training in vocal, instrumental, classical, painting and dramatics.

5. Work Experience -

Students are given hands on experience of different kinds of skills like stitching, cooking, embroidery, craft, clay modelling, gardening/photography etc.


Ø  To foster rich Vedic ideals along with academic goals.

Ø  To prioritize humanity, culture, and environmental concern.

Ø To provide all students to equal access to quality educations & opportunity through safe, healthy, challenging and caring setup.

Ø To lay emphasis on learning by doing to develop skills of critical thinking academic excellence effective communication and aesthetic sensibility.

Ø  To pace with changing context of education with a commitment to cater needs of 21st Century learners.


The DAV vision of education telescopes well with the National Policy of Education [1986] which lays a great emphasis on developing a national system of education, with education for all, keeping In mind the elimination of disparities in the educational system and provision of more facilities Through qualities interventions, empowerment to women, access to education to disadvantaged Sections of the society, educationally backward minorities and the disabled. It also calls for greater Rigour and discipline in academic pursuits, antinomy and accountability, experimentation and Innovation and nurture excellence and modernisation of process at different levels of education.

In order to accomplish the mission, the objectives laid down are as under:

Ø  To provide a wide range of holistic education by homogenizing the global knowledge while remaining anchored to the Indian cultural moorings;

Ø  To act as catalyst of cobwebs of ignorance and illiteracy; by dismantling the cobwebs of ignorance and illiteracy;

Ø  To develop individuals who are morally upright, intellectually well-informed, socially concerned,    emotionally balanced, physically well-developed and culturally accomplished;

Ø  To stimulate a scientific temper by crusading against superstitions and out dated customs like child marriage, caste system, female foeticide, dowry, gender bias, regionalism, etc.

Ø  To nurture creative and resourceful minds who think big, think fast and think ahead, who care for the nation and the weaker sections of society, and are imbued with humanistic passions and values.

 Within the parameters set forth by Maharishi Dayanand and keeping our base deeply rooted in Vedic culture, we shall reach out to everything that is modern and high-tech.

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