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 Unit-1 Test Syllabus, Session 2018-19   

Syllabus  division (Month wise), Session 2018-19  


List of TC, issued to students , Date from 26-03-2015 to present


Click here to Visit: Result  90% Marks or above CBSE Class 10  Result 2019new.gif (2119 bytes)

Click here to Visit: Result  Subject wise 90% or above, CBSE Class 10  Result 2019new.gif (2119 bytes)

Ek Din Betiyo Ke Naam Drawing Competition held at Vasundhara Hospital, Suratgarh

Our school students - 

PUSTI VERMA (Grade - II) achieved  first Prize


AROHI (Grade - I) achieved IInd Prize

Inter House Kabaddi Competition (2018-19)new.gif (2119 bytes)

                                Result - Category Senior Boys             Result - Category Junior Boys

                                      Result - Category Senior Girls              Result - Category Junior  Girls

Session 2019-20 started on 04-04-2019 with Hawan

Click to view photographs new.gif (2119 bytes)

Chess Game Competition Senior & Junior, 18 Aug., 2018

Result (Senior Boys & Girls)

I- Position : Sourav,  Class X (Dayanand House)

II- Position : Jyoti, Class IX (Shardanand House)

II- Position : Mandeep, Class X (Hansraj House)

Result (Junior Boys & Girls)

I- Position  : Sangam, Class VIII (Hansraj House)

II- Position : Lakshya, Class VIII (Vivekananda House)

III- Position : Neelmani, Class VIII (Hansraj House)

Photographs of Inter House English Debate Competition,   02 Aug., 2018

Inter house English debate competition was held in the school on 02-08-2018. The event was blessed by the significant presence of the Chief Guest Sh. M L Sharma, Chairman ST DAV, Chief Engineer, STPS, along with eminent guests Sh. G. C Jain Dy CE (Electrical) Sh. M C Jangid SE, (C&I), Sh. Jayant Mathur SE (Civil), Sh. S P  Agarwal Xen (P&A) and the parents


Senior Group

Junior Group

Winner house


Nidhi (Class IX)


Sneha (Class VII)

Junior Group

Dayanand House : I-Position

Shraddhanand House : II-Position


Shriya (Class IX)


Tanishka (Class VII)

Senior Group

Hansraj house : I-Position

Vivekanand house : II-Position


Photographs of Class wise Hindi Elocution Competition,   02 Aug., 2018

Result (Classes I to II)

I- Position : Class II (Donald Duck)

II- Position : Class II (Mickey Mouse)

Result (Classes III to V)

I- Position  : Class V (Achievers)

II- Position : Class V (Champions)

III- Position : Class IV (Champions)


School Foundation Day Celebration, July 13, 2018 

Click here to view Photographs

July 13 2018 was celebrated as ST DAV (EM) school foundation day. A special morning assembly was organized by students of class 10 the contribution of previous Principals was commemorated and the students presented a cultural program with the message of inspiring role of school in the life of students. Principal Mrs. Masooma Singha too motivated the students and the staff to work hard and bring a good name to the school and the nation, so that the flag of DAV furls high always.

Photographs of Inter House Kabaddi Competition,   27, 28 June, 2018



Junior Boys

Junior Girls

Senior Boys

Senior Girls


Hans Raj House

Hans Raj House

Vivekanand House

Shraddhanand House


Shraddhanand House

Shraddhanand House

Hans Raj House

Dayanand House


Vivekanand House

Dayanand House

Shraddhanand House

Vivekanand House


Click here to view Photographs    

International Yoga Day, June 21, 2018

All students & Staff participated in the event. Its beginning was marked by “Om” jaap and conclusion with the shanti path.

Principal, Mrs. Masooma Singha along with all the teachers, students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.  Significant role of Yoga in students’ life, so as to improving concentration power and reducing stress level was emphasized.  The event concluded with a brief session of meditation, pranayam and asanas in synchronized manner.
































Photographs of Talent Hunt Competition, (NUR. & LKG)  05-May-2018




(Mickey Mouse)


(Donald Duck)



I - Position


Harsh Vardhan Manya Tomar

II - Position

Ridhi Khandelwal

Nishka Panwar Lakshya Gurjar

III - Position

Manisha Aanayta Dhimaan Ashika Pndey

Consolation  Position

Kanshiq Bhojk

Arayan Prajapat


Bhavya Meena

Ojasvi Chorshiya

Aanayta Gotam




Photographs of Talent Hunt Competition, (UKG)  03-May-2018




(Mickey Mouse)


(Donald Duck)

I - Position



II - Position



III - Position



Consolation  Position

Ishan Kumar

Saptangshu Das




Click here to view photographs Investiture Ceremony (28 April, 2018)

Members of Students Council 2018-19  

(Chief guest Shri. M L Sharma, Chairman, Sh. R P Singh, Addl C.E. conferred the badges and sashes to the members of the students council, there after the nominated students took an oath of responsibility and dedication towards the school.)

                                   Head Boy                    :  Navdeep, (Class XII Com.)

                                   Head Girl                     :  Varsha, (Class XII Com.)

                                   Discipline In-charge   :  Shubham Agarwal, (Class XII Com.)

                                   Cultural In-charge       :  Lakshya Swami  (Class XII Com.)


                                             House In-charges

Name of the House

House Captain

Vice Captain

Dayanand House

Dinesh Swami, (Class X)

Nehal , (Class IX)

Hans Raj House

Gagan, (Class X)

Shreeya Mishra, (Class IX)

Shraddhanand House

Manas Dua, (Class X)

Rashi , (Class IX)

Vivekanand House

Nandi Wardhan , (Class X)

Roshandeep , (Class IX)


Photographs of Red Day Activity, Pre-primary  (25-April-2018)

Photographs of Hindi Debate Competition,  Junior  (25-April-2018)

Result (Junior)

                                                  I     Pranav Rawal, Grade 7, Shraddhanand House.

                                                  II   Swastik Agrawal, Grade 7,  Shraddhanand House. 

                                                  III  Rakhi ,  Grade 8, Hansraj house.

Congratulations to all rocking stars.

Result (Senior)

    I     Punreet ,  Grade 10,   Hansraj House

    II    Nidhi, Grade 9,  Vivekanand House

    III  Anshita, Grade 10,  Vivekanand House

       Congratulations to all rocking stars.

Photographs of Hindi Debate Competition,  (Senior)  (24-April-2018)
Photographs of Painting Competition,  Classes 1 to 5  (20-April-2018)

Result Sheet  

Celebration of Mahatma Hans Raj Jayanti (19 April, 2018) 
Inter House Hand Ball Competition Senior & Junior Boys (13-04-2018) 
Inter House Hand Ball Competition Senior & Junior Girls (12-04-2018) 
Photographs of Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony (03-April-2018)
Hawan Session 2018-19  (03-April-2018) 
School Calendar Session 2017-18


    Result Declaration on 31-March-2018.   New Session begins on 03-April-2018

Events / Programmes conducted during July, 2017 to Jan, 2018 

       Click to view Pic of HINDI Diwas Celebration (on 14-09-2017)

Download Revised - Date-sheet of Unit Test / Half Yearly Exam  :  from Sep. 07,  2017  

PTM (Parents Teacher Meet) will be held on  October 7,  (Saturday), 2017

Click to view Pic of Fancy Dress Competition, Grades NUR to UKG  (Held on 29-08-2017)





        NUR LILY –

            I Position         INDUMOLI

II Position        DAKSH



I Position         SAGAR

II Position       BHUMIT 

III Position      OJAS

        LKG LILY –

I Position        HARSHLEEN,

II Position       AMAN BHUSHAN

III Position      DARSH YADAV


I Position        MADHVI PAL

II Position       ISHIKA

III Position      NIKHIL

       UKG LILY –

I Position        ATHARV 

II Position       PUSTI 

III Position      SHAKSHI


Click to view pic - Inter House Hand Ball Competition (held on 18, 19 Aug, 2017)

(Boys & Girls , Grads 6 to 10)

                                           Category :  Girls                                                 Category :  Boys

                                           Result (18-08-2017)                                                             Result (19-08-2017)

                                     I     Position      Dayanand House                                           I    Position      Vivekananda House

                                     II    Position     Vivekanand House                                        II   Position      Dayanand House

                                     III  Position      Shardhanand House                                      III  Position     Hansraj House

Click to view photographs of :

 Independence Day Celebration

(15 - Aug - 2017) new.gif (2119 bytes)

View : Photographs of Flag making/painting Activity (Dated : 14-Aug-2017) 
View : Photographs of Rakhi Making Competition (Dated : 05-Aug-2017)

Click to view pic - Inter House Table Tennis Competition  (29-07-2017) Result

(Senior & Junior Boys)

  Junior -  I Position    Abhinav Lunia (VI Lotus)  (D.H.)

               II Position   Swastik Agarwal (VI Lotus) (S.H.)

               III Position  Hardik Tomar (VI Lotus)  (D.H.)

 Senior -  I Position    Nihar (X Lotus)  (V.H.)

               II Position   Jai  (X Lotus)  (D.H.)

              III Position   Prabhav (VIII Lotus)  (H.H.)

Click to view pic - Inter House Table Tennis Competition   (28-07-2017) Result

(Senior & Junior Girls)

  Junior -  I Position     Pavni Class VI Lotus  (V.H.)

               II Position    Varchasvy Class VI Lotus (D.H.)

               III Position   Rinku Class VII Lotus  (S.H.)

 Senior -  I Position     Sachleen Class VIII Lotus  (V.H.)

               II Position    Himani Class X Lotus  (D.H.)

              III Position    Damanpreet Class X Lotus  (S.H.)

Click here to view  photographs & Result  of :

Inter House

Debate Competition (Eng.)

Grades VI to X  (22 - JULY - 2017)   



Click here to view  photographs of :

        Elocution  Programme                    Grades 1 to 5  (22 - JULY - 2017)   



Click here to view  photographs of :

Celebration of School Founder Day (13 July, 1998)    



        ST DAV (EM) family extends heart felt thanks to all the stakeholders for their constant supports.

Awareness programme on

"International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking" (24-06-2017)

Click here to view Photographs    

International Yoga Day, June 21, 2017

All students & Staff participated in the event. Its beginning was marked by “Om” jaap and warm up exercises.

Principal, Mrs. Masooma Singha briefed everyone regarding the precautions to be taken and the indispensable benefits of yoga. Many yoga_asanas were performed by all as per the clarion call given by Govt. of India in the form of “Samanya Yog Abhyas”. Significant role of Yoga in students’ life, so as to improving concentration power and reducing stress level was emphasized.  The event concluded with a brief session of meditation and Shanti Path.

Click here to view 

Inter House Chess Competition

(Grades VI to X) May 12, 2017


1 Position  -   Ashish Choudhary (Grade X)

2 Position   - Jai Chanchalani   (Grade X)

3 Position   -  Sahil Singha (Grade X)

Click here to view Story Telling Competition (Grades NUR to II) May 11, 2017

Click here to view Investiture Ceremony (6 May, 2017)

(Members of Students Council 2017-18  

Inter-House Chess Competition (Juniors)

06 May, 2017

Inter-House Chess Competition (Juniors) was conducted in the School on 06.05.2017.


First position:  Lakshya Sobti (VII)

Second position: Sangam Bishnoi (VII)

Third position: Ganesh Swami (VII)

Click here to view Debate Competition (Hindi) Classes VI to VII, 3-May-2017 
Click here to view Debate Competition (Hindi) Classes VIII to X, 29-April-2017 

Calligraphy Competition for to Classes 1 to 5 conducted on 29 April, 2017

Results of Competition are as under :

Class  : 1 Lily

Class  : 2 Lily

Class  : 3 Lily

Class  : 4 Lily

Class  : 5 Lotus

Position       Name

   I               Adhya

   II              Veerang

   III             Sunaina

Position      Name

   I              Annu Kanwar

   II             Ananya

   III            Vanshika

Position    Name

  I               Monika

  II              Elvis

  III             Rahul

Position   Name

    I        Medhanse

    II       Yuvraj

    III      Anurag, Saniya

Position   Name

   I          Namrata

   II        Tejveer

   III       Gagandeep,


Class  : 1 Lotus

Class  : 2 Lotus

Class  : 3 Lotus

Class  : 4 Louts

Position     Name

    I            Sourabh

    II           Siddhi

    III          Vanshika

Position    Name

   I          Naman Pandey

   II         Punit

   III        Anvesha

Position    Name

  I           Gravita

  II          Bhavi Gupta

  III         Prerna

Position    Name

     I           Jatin

     II          Shruti

     III         Avani Singh,



Green Day Activity conducted on 28 April, 2017

"The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth"

Click here to view Inter House Badminton Competition 21-April-2017 
Click here to view Inter House Badminton Competition 20-April-2017 
Grade UKG  Graduate Ceremony 03 April, 2017 
Hawan Session 2017-18 
Click here to view photographs of FAREWELL CLASS : X, Session 2016-17 
Click here to visit Duties and Responsibilities (Session 2017-18)  
Click here to view photographs of Annual Sports Meet, Session 2016-17 
Inter House Table Tennis Knock Out Competition (02-FEB-2017) 

Results :

  Junior Girls : First Position - RINKU   (S.H.),      Second Position - HARMAN  (H.H.).

  Junior Boys : First Position - ADBHUT   (S.H.),  Second Position - JITESH  (S.H.).

  Senior Girls : First Position - NAVJOT  (H.H.),   Second Position - SABAHAT (H.H.).

  Senior Boys : First Position - AYUSH   (D.H.),     Second Position - NIHAR  (V.H.).


Republic Day Celebration (26-01-2017) 
Click here to Visit:  Teachers' Workshop, Resource person Sh. M L Goel, R.D. (24 JAN, 2017)
Click here to Visit:  Workshop on Transfer of Training to Class Rooms ( 10-JAN-2017)
Click here for Details :     School Carnival 25-12-2016

Click here to Visit:     Invitation  Annual  Concert  (Function) 2016

Click here to Visit:  2 - Day Capacity Building Programme in Science, 15 & 16 Oct., 2016
Click here to Visit:  Winter Season Uniform classes  Nur to 10

Prize Distribution Programme

 ( Oct. 08, 2016)





(Sept. 28,  to  Oct. 02, 2016)

Chess Tournament (29-Sept.-2016)

School has organized Chess Tournament on dated : 29-09-2016,

the result of these competition are as :

Junior Group : 1st ADHBUT,      2nd GANESH,    3rd RASHI

Senior Group : 1st RISHABH,    2nd ASHISH       3rd SAHIL

GRADE 2 FUN RACE ( Sept. 27, 2016)

School has organized "FUN RACE " for  grade 2 (Lotus & Lily) on 27-09-2016 in the school ground. The event was appreciated by the Parents & Principal.

GRADE 1 FUN RACE ( Sept. 26, 2016)

School has organized "FUN RACE " for  grade 1 (Lotus & Lily) on 26-09-2016 in the school ground. The event was appreciated by the Parents & Principal.

GRADE UKG FUN RACE ( Sept. 24, 2016)

School has organized "FUN RACE " for  grade UKG (Lotus & Lily) on 24-09-2016 in the school ground. The event was appreciated by the Parents & Principal.

GRADE LKG FUN RACE ( Sept. 23, 2016)

School has organized "FUN RACE " for  grade LKG (Lotus & Lily) on 23-09-2016 in the school ground. The event was appreciated by the Parents & Principal.

GRADE NURSERY FUN RACE ( Sept. 22, 2016)

School has organized "FUN RACE " for  grade Nursery (Lotus & Lily) on 22-09-2016 in the school ground. The event was appreciated by the Parents & Principal.

Teacher's Day Celebration, Sept. 2016

Go Green Event    (Sept. 1, 2016)

On ept. 2016 school organised  “Go Green Event” .  Dr. Seema Mittal and Dr. Vipin Mittal were invited as chief guest. After welcome of the guest by respected Principal madam they started this event by planting a sapling of rose plants and then the students of classes V, VI and VII carried over the event by planting 250 saplings. Respected Principal Mrs. Masooma Singha also gives her contribution in the Go Green” event.

Inter House Kho-Kho Competition ( Aug. 31 & Sept. 1, 2016)

Inter House Kho-Kho competition knock out round played on Aug 31, 2016 played ,

and final round played on Sept. 1, 2016.

  Results : Category : Boys -   Hansraj House Winner,  Vivekanand House Runner up,

                                       : Girls  -  Vivekanand  House Winner, Shardhanand  House Runner up.


Run For Freedom  Marathon

(Aug 28, 2016)


         School has organized Run for Freedom marathon on 28-08-2016. Presents CISF staff, officers of SSTPS and students participated in the marathon with great zeal and enthusiasm. The project Chief Mr. M L Sharma inaugurated the event by cutting the ribbon & showing flag to the runners. Result category of marathon: Girls & Women, Boys & Men.

          The winners were awarded with the certificate and prize by the chief guests. The chief guests appreciated the initiative taken by our Principal Mrs. Masooma Singha and congratulated all the winners.

Janmashtami Celebration ( Aug 24, 2016)

Janmashtami was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm in ST DAV on Aug 24, 2016. Students came dressed as Radha or Krishna to the school and danced on the tunes of popular music.

Inter-House Mehandi Competition  Aug 17, 2016

School has organized Inter-house Mehandi Competition for class VI to X on Aug 17, 2016. The result of this competition is as follow. To celebrate the festival Raksha Bandhan. Our school has organized different completions ie. Rakhi making for classes III to V, Card making for classes VI to X. on Aug 17, 2016 the results of these competition are as follow.













1st  Position











2nd  Position







Shriya Mishra




3rd  Position







Vansh Nagpal




Special Assembly on Sanskrit Day (Aug 16, 2016)

Independence Day Celebration

15 - August - 2016


Tiranga Print Activity (Aug 12, 2016)


Flag Making Activity (Aug 12, 2016)

On 12th  Aug, 2016 students of classes III to V participated in “Flag making Activity”.

All the students participated in the activity zealously. Principal Masooma Singha visited all the classes and appreciated the efforts put in by the students.

Yoga & PT Activity (Aug 5, 2016)

Our school has organized a yoga activity on Aug 5, 2016. All the students of grade I to II participated in the activity. The event began with OM jap followed by stretching exercise. The students performed various asans & postures like – Tal asan, padahast asan, ardh chekra asan, peacock posture, visr asan, lion posture, parrot posture cobra poster, cow poster etc. the programme concluded with two minutes meditation activity. The programme was well appreciated by the Chief guests and the principal.

Dance Mania activity  (Aug 5, 2016)

Dance Mania activity was held on Friday 5th  Aug 2016,  In this activity all the students of the pre-primary took part. There was presentation of each class on a particular song. The students were dancing on the beats of the songs like Nani teri morni ho. . . , Choti choti gaiya . . . , Dhol bhejda . . .  The Chief Guests for the events Mrs. R P Singh, Mrs. S L Chimpa, were thrilled to see the wonderful presentation of the students. The idea behind the event was to give a platform to develop their confidence from a tender age.

Inter House Kabaddi Competition (July 29 & Aug 1, 2016)

Inter House Kabaddi knock out rounds were qualified on 20-07-2016 by Vivekanand House & Shardhanand House Sr. boys, Dayanand House & Vivekanand House Sr. girls Viveknand House Sr. Boys & Dayanand House Sr. Girls emerged as winners in the final round on Aug 1, 2016. In Jr. category Dayanand Boys & Shradhanand house  girls grabbed the first position. The Kabbadi matches sprouted the team spirit, sportsmanship & physical fitness of the players.

Inter House Debate Competition  (July 26 & 27, 2016)

School conducted Inter House Hindi & English debate on July 26 & 27, 2016 respectively. Motion of English debate was “Advertisements are a good source for learning” for Hindi it was f’k{kk esa fujUrj gks jgs cnyko ls f’k{kk ds Lrj esa fxjkoV . Presence of the Chief Guest Sh. J K Jain CE (O&M) Guests of Honour, Sh. A K Bhandari CE (Const.) Sh. M L Choudhary Ad. CE., Sh. K C Agarwal Ad. CE. added significance to the programme. It was an opportunity to learn and groom by doing. Participants reflected creative critical thinking, spontaneity of thoughts with communication skills.

Theme based class wise assembly

Assembly Theme - Gender Sensitivity  (July 26 to Aug 01, 2016)

Class VIII presented the assembly on the theme of “Gender Sensitivity. The class whole heartily contributed in the presentations elaborating and highlighting the gender related issues ie. gender equality, through group songs. Highlighting adventurous female personalities in the mainstream. Emphasizing girl’s right to education through the enactment of Malala’s real life happening, the brutal Taliban attack on her life. A dance on Katty Pary’s ROAR depicting the role of mental strength in success and emphasizing that feminity or masculinity has no role to play in materializing the things throughout the week boys and girl shared the assembly platform as a choir, news reader thought presentation and stage conduction boys and girl equally shouldering the responsibilities had created commendable rhythm of equality.

Story Enactment Completion (July 20, 2016)

School organized ‘ Story Enactment Completion’ for classes III to V on July 20, 2016. All students participated with full enthusiasm. The Chief Guests Mrs. Saroj Sharma, Mrs. Neetu Agarwal, Mrs. Bhandari gave their blessings to the kids and appreciated the efforts done by the students and teachers. Class 5 Lotus won the first prize on the story “Andher nagri chaupat raja”, II Lotus and III Lily got second & third position respectively. The activity helped the students to overcome their stage fear and gave them a platform to showcase their talent. At last Principal Mrs. Masooma Singha congratulated the winners and motivated the students for presenting similar enactments in future.

Theme based class wise assembly

Assembly Theme – Environmental Issues.  (July 19 to 25,  2016)

Class IX students have highlighted environmental concerns in the assembly through awareness address, enactments,

and demos and emphasized on the need to contribute through personal efforts for GREEN CLEAN EARTH for all the

existing & future life. Each students got the opportunity on the assembly stage boosting his / her

confidence and awareness level. 

Inter House Badminton Competition (July 15 & 16, 2016)

Players who qualified Knock out round on July 15, 2016  played the final rounds on July 16, 2016. In the Junior & Sr. categories of boys the players of Hansraj House emerged as winners. In girls Jr. Category Vivekanand House & Sr. category Dayanand House emerged as winners. The Inter House competition enhanced enthusiasm of all students towards their respective houses and enriched the brisk skills of badminton, sportsmanship & physical fitness of the players.

 Quiz AVISHKAR’ 16 by CBSE   (July 14 & 26,  2016)

School conducted the preliminary round on July 14, 2016 to select the students for the final round online Science Quiz AVISHKAR’ 16 on the topic ATMOSPHERE, 105 students were registered for the quiz contest. The selected students appeared in the online quiz by CBSE on 26-07-2016. This activity created an awareness regarding atmosphere in all the participants & enhanced the scientific temperament.


Show & Tell Competition (July 13, 2016)

Students of grade Nur. to 2  brought various types of objects like tree picture of computer, book, pencil, source of water (picture) etc.

Students told about their objects in few sentences in front of the other classes and judges. This activity helped the students to gain command on language as well as build many new concepts and enabled them to express themselves freely.


Theme based class wise assembly

Assembly Theme – Back to Vedas  (July 12 to 18, 2016)

Students of class X organized the assembly emphasizing on the Vedic culture.

The assembly echoed with Ishwer Stuti mantra, the inspirational stories, skit and Vedic Jaigosh.

A Vedic Hawan was organized on Saturday, Yajman Principal Mrs. Masooma Singha gave the message of purification for both “Mind and Heart” through active contribution in Vedic Hawan.


Theme based class wise assembly

Assembly Theme  - Skit on attitude towards school Prog. / Activities.   (June 30, 2016)

Under the series of co-scholastic domain activities, the students of class 8 performed the skit in the morning assembly in the presence of all the students, staff and principal motivating and highlighting the right attitude towards the school programme / activities. Benefits of constant efforts and participation was highlighted. Everyone needs to participate and enjoy the precious opportunities /  platform provided by school. The oath was taken by students to always freely enthusiastically participate with their 100% effort.



Check list with Activities

Resource Material

Early Education Development Programme (EEDP)

For the following Classes

(Click on the Class to download)

Class - LKG                 Class - UKG            Class - I               Class - II

Click here to view     Class -X CBSE Result 2014-15



HT No.

Name of the Student


National Rank








MEDAL + Certificate of Appreciation






MEDAL + Certificate of Appreciation






MEDAL + Certificate of Appreciation






MEDAL + Certificate of Appreciation






MEDAL + Certificate of Appreciation






BOOK PRIZE-TALENT & OLYMPIAD BOOK, Scratch Card from, CD+MEDAL + Certificate of Appreciation






MEDAL + Certificate of Appreciation


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List of TC, issued to students , Date from 26-03-2015 to present
Click here to view    "Visit & Plantation by CMD, RRVUNL"
Click here to view Report & Photographs of "Annual Day Celebration"

Annual Sports Meet - 2014  new.gif (2119 bytes)

Dated : 27 to 30 Nov, 2014       (Click to view Report & Photograph)

It included Team, Group, Class, Inter-House field and Track events




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