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“ Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may not remember.  Involve me, and I’ll understand ”

Scheme of  Studies 2018-19
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Previous Session / Sample Papers for  Class VIII ( SA1 & SA2) Session 2015-16
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(Scholastic & Co-scholastic domain) 
   Nursery        English, Maths, Hindi, Rhymes, Mannerism and Drawing.
    LKG & UKG   English, Maths, Hindi, EVS, Rhymes, Mannerism  and Drawing.
    I to II              Scholastic Area :  English, Hindi, Maths, EVS and Dharam Shiksha, Computer Edu.
      	           Co-Scholastic Area :  Games and Arts.
     III to V        Scholastic Area :  English, Hindi, Maths, EVS, Social Science, Sanskrit (Class V onward), 
                                                    GK, Computer Edu. and Dharam Shiksha
          Co-Scholastic Area :  Games, Arts, Music (Class V onward).
     VI to VIII    Part I : Scholastic Area
            English, Hindi, Maths, Science & Tech., Social Science, Sanskrit, GK, Computer Edu., Music and Dharam Shiksha.
                                           Part II : Co-Scholastic Area
            II (A) Life Skills,  II (B) Work Education (Embroidery for girls, Maintenance of gadgets for boys), II (C) Visual & Performing Arts

               II (D) Attitude & Values

                                            Part III :  Co-Scholastic Activities

            III (A)   1. Literary and creative skills,   2. Scientific Skills,  

            III (B)   Health & Physical Education :   1. Sports


     IX & X       Part I : Scholastic Area

            English Course-A (Communicative) , Hindi Course-A, Maths, Science & Tech, F.I.T. and Social Science.

                  Part II : Co-Scholastic Area

            II (A) Life Skills,   II (B) Work Education (Preparing stationery items)

            II (C) Visual & Performing Arts,   II (D) Attitude & Values

                                           Part III :  Co-Scholastic Activities

            III (A)   1. Scientific skills,  2. Organisational & Leadership Skills

            III (B) Health & Physical Education :  1. Sports


 Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation

 Under the vibrant venture of CBSE, the school has introduced the recent innovation in the field of education i.e. CCE with an objective to create a holistic learning environment through regular assessment of scholastic and co-scholastic domains. Scholastic means knowledge based assessment in the subjects of the curriculum and co-scholastic refers to performance based assessment through a wide variety of life skills, attitudes and values, interests and participation in the co-curricular activities. It will be a continuous process because it will be carried out throughout the year at proper intervals in the form of Formative and Summative Assessment. The academic session will be divided into two terms. There will be two Formative Assessment followed by one summative assessment in each term. Formative assessment maybe based on pen paper Test / Project Work / Classroom Activity / Outdoor Activity / Practical / Oral work etc., where as summative Assessment will be in the form of written test and will be carried out at the end of the term to measure a student’s knowledge and learning ability.

          Co-Scholastic Area & Activities


 Co-Scholastic Activities

 life Skills, Attitude & Values embedded in core subjects.

1.     Literary and Creative skills : Which will be assessed on the basis of the students participation in debate, declamation, creative writing, recitation, drawing, poster making, slogan writing, dramatic club activities etc.

2.     Organizational & leadership skills : Which will be assessed on the basis of students participation in eco-club, social club, dramatic club and science club activities.

3.     Games & Sports : School fosters the concept of discipline, team work and fitness through a variety of indoor games like chess, ludo, carrom, table tennis, badminton   and outdoor games like lawn tennis, basketball, kho-kho, kabbadi, volleyball, cricket & football. Students will also be prepared for athletic events like discuss throw, javelin throw, shot put, long jump, 100 m & 200 m race for the participation in All India Mahatma Hans Raj Tournament and school sports meet in the coming session.

                Provision for regular periods of games is made in all classes.

The evening practice of all the students VI to X will commence from the month of July 06:00 pm to 08:00 pm in the school campus.  


4.     Gardening & Shramdaan :   Students will be assessed on the basis of their active contribution in the school cleanliness and garden maintenance activities.

5.     Visual Arts :   Arts expand the boundaries of learning for the students and encourage creative thinking and a deeper understanding of the core subjects, which are language arts, math, science, and social studies.To encourage the students to experiment with variety of media school has a well desined and spacious Art room.

      Students will be prepared for performing in National level competitions and the drawing competition held by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Delhi. Artistic creations of the students will be highlighted in the art exhibition.

      Provision for regular periods of arts is made in all classes.

       Clay moulding lab for junior students and miniature painting classes for senior students will be the attraction in the coming session.


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